Top 8 Reasons to Use Window Treatments

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Have you been debating whether or not window coverings are a necessity? With all of the wonderful benefits that window coverings provide, they are most definitely a necessity for every home.  This article will briefly discuss the top 8 reasons why you need window coverings today.

Benefits of Window Coverings for Your Home

#1: Energy Efficiency –

Contemporary window treatments have evolved tremendously and now come in many varieties that provide energy efficiency as a benefit. Draperies, shutters, and honeycomb blinds provide added insulation that will keep warm air in during the winter, and prevent the warm air from entering during the summer. This will no doubt save money on energy bills and aid in your energy efficiency efforts.

#2: Privacy- 

Window treatments are very successful in providing privacy. Bare windows can leave you feeling vulnerable and also have the potential for allowing lurkers to view into your home. Ensure your privacy and invest in window coverings that will also provide the feeling of safety as well.

#3: UV Protection –

Sunrays have the potential to damage furniture, floors, and other home furnishings if left exposed for extended periods of time. This is especially true for sensitive goods such as electronics. Window treatments provide protection to your expensive home furnishings through blocking or absorbing sunrays. Prevent your furniture from fading, and your electronics from damage with customized window coverings.

#4: Increased Property Value –

Quality window coverings can drastically increase the value of your home. Wood blinds are elegant and timeless. Roman shades are stylish and hassle free. Layered draperies are elegant and exude affluence. Purchasing lavish window coverings is a great opportunity in elevating the value of your property. Increased resale property value is a major reason why you need window coverings today.

#5: Increased Property Aesthetics –

Perhaps the most appealing reason to invest in window coverings is the aesthetic appeal they provide. Windows are the heart of every room, and have the potential to make even the most modest space feel rich and stylish. Window treatments really are a fashion statement, and one you should be excited to make. With the endless styles and colors to choose from, this is a personal decision that should reflect your individual taste.

#6: Protection for Windows –

Storm guards and metal blinds serve as exterior window protection from windstorms and heavy rain. Windows are an investment and protection for the exterior is just as important as protection for the interior.

#7: Affordability –

Window treatments do not need to be extravagant or expensive. With some creativity and the assistance of a professional, there are window covering options for every budget. Furthermore, your window coverings will pay for themselves with the decrease in energy bills and increase in property resale value.

#8: Increased Comfort –

Customized window coverings provide warmth and comfort. Properties without window treatments tend to feel cold, and isolate. Make your property charming and inviting with high quality window coverings.

Top 8 Reasons to Use Window Treatments in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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