Trendy Kids’ Room Ideas

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Top Trends for Decorating Kids Rooms

Looking for some trendy kids’ room ideas? Well, look no further. This article will briefly discuss the hottest bedroom décor trends for youth of all ages.

Infant and Baby Rooms

Planning the décor for your nursery is an exciting part of welcoming your new baby to the world. No matter if you are expecting a boy or a girl the following infant room ideas will work seamlessly for both genders. Trendy infant room ideas include:

  • Themed Rooms: Alphabet, Sea Life, and Baby Animal themed rooms are trending in a big way. The large array of nursey room accessories for these themed room ideas will give you many options in terms of look and style. You also have the option of emphasizing feminine colors for a girl and masculine colors for a boy.
  • Pastels: Another major nursery room trend is using pastels. Create a uniquely harmonious color scheme using yellows and greens. Or stick with the traditional pinks and blues depending on your preferences.
  • Baby Safe Window Coverings: Perhaps the biggest trend for toddler rooms are stylish window coverings that are safe for baby including cordless blinds and shades. Keep your baby safe and stylish with window coverings you can feel good about.

Fun Toddler Rooms

Now that baby has started walking, the room décor should be transformed to keep up with the accomplishments of all the exciting developmental milestones that are occurring. Top trends for decorating toddler rooms include:

  • Mini Furniture: Buying mini furniture is great fun and you would be surprised by the wide array of options available. As a top trend for decorating toddler rooms, you can easily find mini tables, chairs, sofas, and more! Mini furniture is also simple to paint to match existing furnishings and décor.
  • Decorated Bed Rails: It’s time for your little one to upgrade from a crib to a bed, but security is still needed to ensure no one rolls off the bed while dreaming soundly. Cover bed rails with colored rhinestone for girls or spray paint a brightly colored blue or red for boys.
  • Go Orange: Abandon traditional gendered pink and blue colors for your fast growing little one and go orange instead! The many shades of orange can be used for a girl or boy room and this is a growing trend that is sure to become a classic. Orange window coverings are also a fabulous idea that will no doubt add pop to any kids’ room.

Kid Bedroom Ideas

  • Fort Beds: Now that baby is a baby no longer, why not get them a big kid bed? Fort beds come in many sizes with fun additional features. Some boast a slide with a private tented area, and some are bunk beds with build in storage cubes. These fun beds encourage active play and stimulation.
  • Big, Bold, & Bright Colors: Use the colors of the rainbow to inspire you and go bold. Choose brightly colored furniture and paint a wall electric yellow. Get creative and have your little one help you choose exciting décor inspired by the energy of the rainbow.

Stylish Pre-Teen Rooms

As little ones start to not look little anymore, their tastes become more sophisticated and bright colors with themed character bedding will no longer cut it. The pre-teen years 10-13 provide a great opportunity to allow your soon to be teen to express themselves through their bedroom décor. Top trends for decorating tweens rooms include:

  • Canopy Beds: A major trend in tween rooms are canopy beds. From simple to elaborate, there are many styles to choose from. Using sheer metallic fabrics, you can accomplish the canopy bed style on a budget!
  • Reading Retreat: Encourage your youth to read with a personally designed reading retreat. Pick a corner of the room and furnish with a small painted book shelf and cozy pillows and blankets. Paint the corner with soft blues and greens to promote a meditative and calm space. Or take it a step further and paint the covers of your favorite books on the wall!

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