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Lightweight, sheer drapes look lovely in the summer months when the breeze from your open window causes them to shimmer and flutter with warm, summer air. However, when the temperatures fall, the cold air leaking through your closed window is not welcome. In fact, it’s an unwanted guest. Cold air can creep through tiny spaces and cracks around your windows and create bone-chilling drafts that require turning up the heat or grabbing a thick, heavy sweater for added warmth.


Today, there are many beautiful and stylish drapery designs for the homeowner that wants to save money and lower heating bills. Draperies can be hung at almost ceiling height and then allowed to hang down to the floor leaving the window and the area around the window completely covered to reduce drafts. Even conventional draperies help to reduce heat loss but only if you close them at night and open them when the sun is streaming in the window.


By layering a lightweight drape underneath a heavier drape, the air from the window meets a double layer of fabric that helps to trap the cold air and keep it from entering into the room. One layer may be good, but two layers are even better at ensuring a warm home even in the coldest winters.  Think of it like layering your clothing, the more the better.


Some fabrics make you feel warm just by looking at them. In many cases, these fabrics have earned their reputation for warmth because they are commonly used in winter clothing. Heavyweight materials with a tight weave are the best at blocking the cold air from the window area. They also give the home a warm, cozy appearance.

Drapes made from thick, rich velvets, elegant tapestries, corduroys, heavy, tightly woven denim or canvas fabrics, wool or wool-blend tweeds and faux suedes are excellent choices for cold weather décor. You can purchase window treatments in numerous colors, patterns and thicknesses, and you’ll be sure to find attractive window treatments that also do double-duty as draft blockers.


Even shades and shutters can help to keep your space warm, especially if they are used as a first layer of defense against the cold drafty air. If you hang drapes over the shades or shutters, you can help to control heat loss and enjoy warmer room temperatures.


Insulated drapes can help homes stay warm by blocking drafts coming from behind the drapes. They can reduce or eliminate the heat exchange that causes windows to transfer cold air from the outside of your home to the inside of your home. Often, you’ll find that insulated drapes use a main, decorative fabric that faces into your space and a special lining towards the windows. Sandwiched between those two layers is an interlining made from a heavy-duty fabric like flannel. This triple-layered drapery style can help to keep your living space toasty warm, save energy and reduce fuel costs.


For a small investment, you can purchase beautiful insulating draperies in multiple styles and textiles that will help to make your home warm and inviting. These same window treatments will also save you money in the summer months as they can block the sun’s rays during the heat of the day, so your space stays cooler.

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