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Planning for Hardwired Motorized Blinds for Your Remodel

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Building or renovating your home is an exciting process. By hand-selecting each detail of the design, you can create a space that meets all of your needs while showcasing your unique aesthetic. Whether you are planning the layout of an entire house or you are renovating a single room, there’s one feature in particular that will take your space to the next level: motorized window coverings. 

Motorization is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. Not only do automatic blinds add a touch of luxury and convenience to your everyday life, but they also offer additional benefits such as increased safety and energy efficiency. That said, motorization needs electricity to function and therefore requires a little extra preparation to install. 

Planning for hardwired motorized blinds during your remodel or build process will help you get the absolute most out of your automatic window treatments. 

Hardwired Motorization VS Battery Operation

While it’s possible to add motorization to any existing blinds or shades, the electrical layout in most homes isn’t set up to support hardwiring. For that reason, a lot of homeowners rely on rechargeable batteries for power. Batteries aren’t necessarily a bad option, but they can be tedious to recharge or change – especially if you have a lot of blinds or windows that are hard to reach.

Hardwired motorization takes all of the major maintenance out of your window coverings. Rather than needing batteries, hardwired blinds plug directly into your electrical system for effortless power, which offers benefits such as:

  • Automatic electricity without the need for batteries
  • Seamless cord-free appearance
  • Faster and easier maintenance
  • Increased safety without external power cords

How to Pre-Wire Your Home for Motorized Blinds

Hardwired blinds are beautiful and convenient, but they require more planning than battery-operated options. Your entire electrical system needs to be configured around your windows, which takes the help of an experienced electrician. That’s why it’s best to pre-wire your motorized window coverings during a home build or renovation project. To set your space up for hardwired motorization, follow these steps:

  • Determine which windows you want to motorize: Some people want their entire home to be motorized, while others just want a window or two. Before starting any work, decide exactly which windows you want to have remote control over. 
  • Consider how you want your motor to be controlled: Motorized blinds can be controlled with remotes, mobile apps, and wall switches. If you want yours to work with a wall switch, be sure to include that in your plan. 
  • Talk with your electrician during the design-build process: As with all electrical work, pre-wiring should be installed by an experienced electrical contractor. During the design-build phase, discuss your plans for motorization with them so they can set everything up properly. 

Installing Hardwired Motorized Blinds

Once all of the pre-wiring is set up, it’s time to install your motorized window coverings! At Accent Verticals, we make this step quick and easy. After meeting with you to discuss your vision and budget, we will create and install your custom motorized blinds. With free in-home measuring and a lifetime warranty, you can expect seamless workmanship with outstanding results. Ready to upgrade your space with hardwired motorized blinds? Call us today to get started!

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