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Are you having trouble choosing between shades and blinds? Fortunately, you won’t have to compromise as sheer shades provide a combination of both shades and blinds in a single unit. These beautiful window treatments feature vanes, which can be moved to certain angles so that they block light or let in light.

Sheer Shades are Customizable

One advantage of using sheer shading is that they are customizable. There are a number of different combinations of fabrics and vanes which allow you to change how they filter light. They have a solid piece of fabric that spans their entire length. The vanes that float between the layers of transparent fabric provide you with the ability to let diffused, soft light into a room or darken a room such as a bedroom or media room.

Sheer Shades Create a Soft Look

One of the aspects of these shades that is quite noticeable is how soft they are. The interior vanes are encased by knitted fabric and provide a plush and soft look that is a joy to view. The soft fabric on these shades also plays a dual role as it allows a certain amount of light to enter your home. The fabric is created from high-quality material, which provides a way to consistently diffuse a specific amount of light in each room where it’s installed.

Sheer Shades are Versatile

If you enjoy a consistent look with the window treatments that you are using in your home, these shades are a great choice. They provide an extreme amount of versatility and can be used in offices, dining rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Their elegant appearance and effective ability to block light and provide privacy make them a popular choice.

Custom Sheer Shades with Accent Verticals

If you need assistance in making a choice with this type of window treatment, you’ll find that our experts at Accent Verticals are happy to assist. We have years of experience and can help you decide if you’d like to utilize these shades in multiple rooms or just transform the look of one or two spaces in your home. So contact Accent Verticals today to help you with your new window treatments.


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