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Woman lowering a white top down bottom up shadeTop Down Bottom Up Shades

Natural light can make a home feel vibrant and inviting, but nobody wants to deal with the sun shining directly in their eye. While many traditional window treatments need to be completely closed to combat sun glare, top down bottom up (TDBU) shades offer a better solution. Since they can be raised or lowered from both the top and the bottom, these shades can shift into any size or position for targeted coverage that still reveals some of your view. Whether you want complete privacy or you just need to block out a small glint of sunlight, TDBU shades have you covered.

Why Choose Top Down Bottom Up Shades?

If you want ample privacy and light control without having to completely cover your windows, then TDBU shades could be a great choice for your home. Additionally, they are very convenient to use on windows that are partially blocked by furniture or other large objects. With these shades, you can enjoy a variety of benefits such as:

  • Advanced light control
  • Smooth and easy operation
  • Enhanced energy conservation
  • Targeted privacy while maintaining a view
  • Dozens of style and material options

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In order to work properly, your TDBU shades need to be installed with precision. That’s where the experts at Accent Verticals can help! Our skilled craftsmen will use in-home measurements to create a beautiful design that is perfectly tailored to your style and needs. Then, we will custom-build your shades using high-quality materials that will look beautiful and insulate your home. Our meticulous attention to detail means you will enjoy a stunning final product that will function flawlessly for years to come. To schedule your free in-home consultation, call us today!

Top Down Bottom Up Shade FAQs

What are top down bottom up shades?

Top down bottom up shades are window coverings that allow users to lift from the bottom or lower from the top. This unique functionality allows the shade to be positioned in any size or location on your window, making it perfect for combatting sharp glares or maintaining privacy without compromising your view.

How do top down bottom up shades work?

Top down bottom up shades are unique because they work almost like two separate shades – one for the “top down” function, and the other for “bottom up”. Both systems rely on a simple cord mechanism to glide up and down seamlessly, and they can be used independent of one another for easier operation.

Where should I place top down bottom up shades?

Top down bottom up shades are a great choice for any space, though they are particularly useful in a few circumstances:

  • Windows that are partially blocked by furniture 
  • Rooms with pesky glares that you want to get rid of without fully closing the shades
  • Areas where you want targeted privacy that still allows you to enjoy natural light

Are top down bottom up shades easy to use?

When they are properly configured, top down bottom up shades are very easy to use. However, even small errors during the installation process could lead to frustrating malfunctions. We recommend working with experienced professionals who will ensure your shades are perfectly fitted to your window and set up for flawless operation.

What kind of shades can be top down bottom up?

You can still enjoy your favorite styles and designs with top down bottom up shades. They are incredibly versatile and come in a wide range of options such as:

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