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How to Care for Drapes and Curtains

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High-quality window treatments are an investment and should be treated as such. Caring for them and cleaning them will help extend their life and keep them looking vibrant all year long. At Accent Verticals, we want your drapes and curtains to last you for years to come. Keep reading to learn how to best care for your drapes and curtains.

Drapery Care

Typically, the fabric used to create drapes is heavier and fuller than most window treatments. Getting in the habit of shaking them gently after they’ve been drawn closed in the evening should stop dust from getting embedded in their fibers. Vacuuming the fabric with a brush attachment each month should also help keep dirt and other debris from settling.

Washing Draperies

Washing your draperies should be reasonably straightforward by following a few steps. Simply-constructed or plain-panel draperies usually contain fabric that can be laundered in a washing machine. Checking the label of your draperies should indicate if this is possible with your window treatments. Referring to washing instructions is recommended or you can use a mild detergent with cold water.

Making sure you’ve got an adequate amount of water flow moving through your draperies during the washing cycle should help ensure that the final result will look as good as possible. This can be done by not overloading your machine. If you have a clothesline outside where you can dry your draperies, it can help you save on energy and freshen up the material. If you don’t have this option, use a low air setting. Completing the cleaning process can be done by ironing the fabric.

With any window treatment, it’s best to follow the guidelines for washing given by the manufacturer. Here are some circumstances when it may not be advisable to wash your draperies:

  • If the lining and drapery are created from different fibers
  • If the material has been weakened by sunlight
  • If the draperies are too large for your machine or constructed with pleats, which could lose their shape during washing

Washing Curtains

Examine the label of your ready-made curtains before you place them in the washing machine. If they are washable, remove any hardware, rings, or hooks. Using a mild detergent, cold water with a short, gentle cycle is usually best, unless there are specific directions given for the window treatments you have. Remove them immediately after they’ve been washed and hang on an outside clothesline or tumble dry on low for best results.

We hope these tips help as you work to care for your drapes and curtains. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call!



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